Last updated: June 27, 2023



Sales Restrictions

Fine, Jail, Other

(e.g., seizure of the product, publication of the violation/violator)


Violations of the ban on the sale of single cigarettes are punishable by a fine of 6,000 Syrian Lyra and confiscation of the products.

Violations of prohibited vending machines are punishable by a three-month imprisonment, a fine of 100,000 Syrian Lyra, and confiscation of the vending machines. (Note, however, that the nature of restrictions on vending machines is unclear.)

Location-based Sales Restrictions

Fine, Uncertain

Violations of location-based sales restrictions are punishable by a range of offenses. Civil servants employed at public institutions are subject to the disciplinary penalties set forth in the Organic Law of Government Employees No. 50. Private sector and joint sector personnel are subject to the disciplinary actions set forth in work rules and regulations applicable to them. Other offenders are subject to a fine of 200 Syrian Lyra.

Minimum Retail Package Size


The law does not regulate the minimum size of tobacco product packages; therefore, there are no associated penalties.

Minimum Legal Sales Age


Violations of the ban on sales to persons below the age of 18 are punishable by a fine of 5,000 Syrian Lyra.