Last updated: July 27, 2020



Sales Restrictions

Fine, Other

(e.g., seizure of the product, publication of the violation/violator)


Public Authority for Consumer Protection Resolution No. 301 of 2016 (amending Art. 2 of Resolution No. 256 of 2015) imposes a penalty of one thousand (1,000) Omani Riyals for a violation of the ban on smokeless tobacco. For a repeat violation, the fine is doubled. In the case of a continuing violation, an administrative fine of fifty (50) Omani Riyals for each day of violation shall be imposed, provided that the total fine shall not exceed two thousand (2,000) Omani Riyals. In addition, the smokeless tobacco shall be seized.

Location-based Sales Restrictions


Tobacco sales are not restricted by location; therefore, there are no associated penalties.

Minimum Retail Package Size


The law does not regulate the minimum size of tobacco product packages; therefore, there are no associated penalties.

Minimum Legal Sales Age

Fine, Business License suspension or revocation

Violations of the ban on sales to persons below the age of 18 are punishable by: 1) for the first and second offenses, a fine of one hundred (100) Omani Riyals, and 2) for the third offense, a fine of three hundred (300) Omani Riyals and store closure until the cause of the offense has been removed. Fines shall be doubled in cases of recurrent offenses during the validity period of the store license.