Last updated: September 29, 2020

Warnings/Messages Content

Does the content of the warnings/messages address:
Health impacts
Advice on cessation (e.g., the benefits of cessation or steps to take to stop smoking)
Addictive nature of tobacco
Adverse economic and social outcomes
Impact of tobacco use on friends and family
Quitline phone number and/or website
Description of current required warnings/messages:

The following combined picture and text warnings are provided for in the regulations as well as the statement: This product contains nicotine, tar and other harmful chemicals.

1) Smoking is dangerous to you and non-smokers (with image)
2) Tobacco smoking causes disease (with image)
3) Smoking is dangerous to your health (with image)
4) Tobacco smoking kills (with image)
5) Smoking damages your lungs (with image)
6) Smoking causes breast cancer (with image)
7) Smoking causes cataracts and blindness (with image)
8) Keep your lungs healthy stop smoking (with image)
9) Smoking spoils your teeth (with image)
10) Smoking causes throat cancer (with image)
11) Smoking is dangerous to the unborn baby (with image)
12) Smoking causes heart diseases (with image)