Last updated: February 19, 2022

Regulatory Framework

For these Main Policies, have legislation and/or regulations been enacted or issued covering heated tobacco products?

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HTPs are regulated as “smokeless tobacco products,” “tobacco products” and “devices and accessories for the use, recharging, or heating of tobacco products or related products” under the Law No. 278-XVI on Tobacco and Tobacco Products (as amended), Law No. 142 of October 14, 2021 on the Amendment of Some Normative Acts and Decision No. 613 Approving the Health Regulations on Health Warnings and Labeling of Tobacco Products, Tobacco Intended for Cigarette Rolling and Related Products.

For these Main Policies, has a government body issued any directive and/or non-judicial decision covering heated tobacco products?


To the best of our knowledge, no directives have been issued by a government body for these Main Policies.