Last updated: June 5, 2024


Enforcement Agency

Content regulation

Not Applicable

Currently, the law does not regulate the contents of cigarettes; therefore, there are no specified penalties.

To align with FCTC Art. 9 and the FCTC Arts. 9 & 10 Guidelines, the law should regulate the contents of cigarettes and impose sanctions for violations.

Disclosure requirement

Local authority boards of health

State Alcohol and Tobacco Company of Iceland (ATVR)

Fine, Business License suspension or revocation, Jail, Warning
Entities that can be held responsible

Manufacturer, Importer


The board of health in the relevant district may, after issuing a reprimand, revoke a permit to sell tobacco. In the case of repeated violations or gross violation, the board of health must revoke the permit.

The ATVR may impose fines on natural persons in the range of ISK 10,000–10,000,000 and on legal of persons in the range ISK 25,000–25,000,000. Violators may also be subject to up to two years in prison. Profits, direct or indirect, resulting from violations may be confiscated by a court order. 

Further, if a manufacturer or importer fails to comply with corrective instructions from ATVR, ATVR may impose per diem fines on it until the situation is rectified. The fines may amount to as much as ISK 500,000 per day.

The law aligns with FCTC Art. 10 and the FCTC Arts. 9 & 10 Partial Guidelines in that the law imposes sanctions for disclosure violations.