Last updated: September 9, 2021

Warnings/Messages Content

Does the content of the warnings/messages address:
Health impacts
Advice on cessation (e.g., the benefits of cessation or steps to take to stop smoking)
Addictive nature of tobacco
Adverse economic and social outcomes
Impact of tobacco use on friends and family
Quitline phone number and/or website
Description of current required warnings/messages:

The following text health warnings must be accompanied by corresponding pictures:

1. Smoking causes impotence
2. Smoking causes miscarriage
3. Smoking causes deadly lung diseases
4. Smoking clogs the arteries and causes heart attacks and strokes
5. Smoking causes cancer
6. This is what dying of lung cancer looks like
7. Smoking causes death
8. Tobacco is addictive
9. Tobacco smoke is harmful to children
10. Smoking causes diabetes
11. Smoking accelerates aging
12. Smoking causes slow and painful death
13. Smoking increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome
14. Smoking causes skin cancer
15. Smoking causes infertility
16. Tobacco use leads to poverty
17. Smoking pollutes the environment
18. Cigarette ash causes bush fires
19. Cigarette smoke triggers asthma attacks