Last updated: March 18, 2024

Key Terms

Tobacco Product

Term Defined

Tobacco products shall be understood as cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, chopped tobacco, hookah or water pipes, tobacco leaf extracts and other products of similar use, prepared entirely or in part by using tobacco leaves as raw material and which are designed to be smoked, inhaled, sucked, chewed or used as snuff. It also includes electronic nicotine delivery systems.


The definition of “tobacco products” contained in the Regulations aligns with the definition contained in FCTC Art. 1, and goes beyond the FCTC definition in that it also encompasses “electronic nicotine delivery systems.”

FCTC-Based Definition

Any product entirely or partly made of the leaf tobacco as a raw material which is manufactured to be used for smoking, sucking, chewing, or snuffing. (FCTC Art. 1(f))

Outside Packaging and Labeling

Term Not Defined

The law does not provide a definition of “outside packaging and labeling.” However, the law authorizes the National Health Authority to promulgate regulations on packaging and labeling. These regulations have not yet been issued but could contain such a definition in the future.

To align with FCTC Art. 11 and the FCTC Art. 11 Guidelines, the National Health Authority should issue regulations on packaging and labeling that contain a definition of “outside packaging and labeling” in accordance with the definition provided in FCTC Art. 11.

FCTC-Based Definition

Any packaging and labeling used in the retail sale of the product. (FCTC Art. 11(4))