Law No. 175/AN/07 Concerning Organization for the Protection of Health against Tobacco Consumption

22 Oct, 2007

COMMENTS: Law No. 175/AN/07 concerning organization for the protection of health against tobacco consumption is the primary law regulating tobacco control. It includes provisions on smoke free public places; tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship; and product packaging and labeling, among other things.

Decree No. 2007/0229/PR/MS Establishing an Intersectoral Committee for Protection of Health from Smoking

02 Dec, 2007

Note: This law has not been reviewed by our legal staff and was not relied upon for purposes of our analysis. We are providing it here for informational purposes only.

Decree No. 2007/0230/PR/MS Prohibiting Smoking in Public Places

02 Mar, 2008

COMMENTS: Decree No. 2007/0230/PR/MS prohibiting smoking in public places prohibits smoking on public transport, in most indoor public places and indoor workplaces, and specified outdoor places.

Decree No. 2008/0183/PR/MS Specifying the Manner in Which Statements Are to Be Printed that Must Appear on the Outside Covering of Packages and Wrapping of Tobacco Products

24 Jul, 2008

COMMENTS: Decree No. 2008/0183/PR/MS specifying the manner in which statements are to be printed that must appear on the outside covering of packages and wrapping of tobacco products establishes requirements for tobacco product packaging and labeling, including a requirement for health warnings on 50% of principal display areas of smoked tobacco product packaging.

Order No. 2008/492/PR/MS Fixing the Characteristics of the Smoking Prohibition and Prohibition Posting Requirements

31 Jul, 2008

COMMENTS: Order No. 2008/492/PR/MS fixing the characteristics of the smoking prohibition and prohibition posting requirements contains the details about the content and placement of "no smoking" signs.

Order No. 2008/491/PR/MS Specifying the Combined Warnings and Messages on All Packaging of Tobacco Products

24 Apr, 2009

COMMENTS: Order No. 2008/491/PR/MS specifying the combined warnings and messages on all packaging of tobacco products contains further details on the implementation of health warnings, including the images and associated text that must appear on tobacco product packaging.

To the best of our knowledge, all laws provided here are in effect as of February 10, 2020 unless otherwise noted.