Last updated: October 4, 2019


Enforcement Agency

Content regulation

Not Applicable

The law does not regulate the contents of cigarettes; therefore, there are no specified penalties.

Disclosure requirement

Ministry of Public Health
Fine, Business License suspension or revocation, Jail
Entities that can be held responsible

Manufacturer, Importer


Under Art. 140, anyone who fails to deliver to the Ministries of Public Health and Foreign Commerce semiannual reports containing all quantitative and qualitative information and data concerning the composition, additive ingredients and emissions of tobacco products is subject to a fine of five to ten million Congolese Francs. Under Art. 142, anyone who violates the law is subject to one to five years imprisonment, and a fine of one hundred to two hundred million Congolese Francs and suspension of all activities for a period of one year; and in cases of repeat offenses, the operating license of the tobacco company in question may be revoked.