Last updated: February 3, 2023

Enforcement Authorities

Authorized Agency
Duty to Enforce

Health police/general health inspection agents, judicial police, and other law enforcement agents

“[P]laces subject to public use,” including places of health care, education, work, and in means of public transportation

The law requires the health police (general health inspection agents who have taken an oath before a court) and judicial police to “investigate and submit written reports concerning infractions of the law” and take other enforcement action in furtherance of the law.

General Bureau of Health Inspection, Bureau of Labor Inspection, Department of Hygiene, police, and constabulary

Premises within their jurisdictions

Decree No. 2018-216 states that the General Bureau of Health Inspection, the Bureau of Labor Inspection, the Department of Hygiene, the police, and the constabulary are responsible for overseeing compliance with the provisions of the decree.