Last updated: August 2, 2022


Enforcement Agency

Content regulation

Not Applicable

The law does not regulate the contents of cigarettes; therefore, there are no specified penalties.

To align with FCTC Art. 9 and the FCTC Arts. 9 & 10 Guidelines, the law should regulate the contents of cigarettes and impose sanctions for violations.

Disclosure requirement

Ministry of Health
Fine, Jail
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Entities that can be held responsible

Manufacturer, Importer


Violations of disclosure requirements are subject to imprisonment from one to six months and a fine from 4,000,000.00 (four million) to 20,000,000.00 (twenty million) riel. In case of repeat infringement, the fine shall double.

A legal entity may be held responsible for disclosure violations. A legal entity that violates disclosure requirements is subject to double fines and one or more of the following: termination of the legal entity; state control by order of court; restrictions from undertaking certain activities; announcement of decision on punishment; and/or publication of decision on punishment through print media or TV and radio.

The law aligns with FCTC Art. 10 and the FCTC Arts. 9 & 10 Partial Guidelines in that the law imposes sanctions for disclosure violations.