Customs Framework (Duty Rates) of Tobacco and Tobacco Products


Law No. 10 on Anti-Smoking

17 Aug, 1994

Municipal Affairs Decree No. 83 on Smoke-Free

Law No. 26 of 2006 on Approval to Join the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

11 Jul, 2006

Law No. 8 On the Matter of Controlling Smoking and All Forms of Tobacco

16 Apr, 2009

Resolution No. 68 of 2009 on the Formation of the National Committee to Control Smoking and All Types of Tobacco and Tobacco Products

14 Dec, 2009

Ministerial Resolution No. 1 of 2010 on the Rules of Procedure for the National Committee to Combat Smoking

28 Mar, 2010

Ministerial Resolution No. 2 of 2011

03 Aug, 2011

Ministerial Resolution No. 3 of 2011 on Controls on Advertising and Promotion of Tobacco Products

09 Aug, 2011

Ministerial Decision No. 16 of 2012 Adopting the Standardized Gulf Technical Regulation Regarding Labeling of Tobacco Product Packs as a National Technical Regulation

23 Feb, 2012

Note: Ministerial Decision No. 16 includes Standardized Gulf Technical Regulation No. 246/2011 issued by the GCC Standardization Organization.

Decision No. 38 of 2013 Concerning Banning of Importation, Distribution, or Selling of Electronic Cigarettes

06 May, 2013

National Technical Regulation No. BH 2:2021 Concerning Electronic Nicotine Products (Equivalents of Traditional Tobacco Products)

11 Nov, 2021

Ministerial Resolution No. 121 of 2021 on the Adoption of the Technical Regulation of Electronic Nicotine Products

11 Nov, 2021

To the best of our knowledge, all laws provided here are in effect as of September 17, 2019 unless otherwise noted.