Last updated: November 22, 2022

Enforcement Authorities

Authorized Agency
Duty to Enforce

Authorized officers

Public places, workplaces, and public conveyances


The law defines “authorized officer" as an officer who, by law, has the responsibility to inspect and investigate compliance to ensure that the Tobacco Control Act 2018 is adhered to. “Authorized officers” include police officers, special constables, customs officers, public health inspectors, prices and consumer affairs inspectors, and any other unit or person designated by the Minister in collaboration with the appropriate Ministry under which the unit or person operates.

The law requires the Antigua and Barbuda Tobacco Free Initiative to facilitate the training of authorized officers, a multidisciplinary group. In addition to carrying out compliance inspections and investigations, authorized officers also have the power to conduct interviews and post no-smoking signs in public places and workplaces, and on public conveyances.