Law No. 9636 on Health Protection from Tobacco Products (as amended)

06 Nov, 2006

Note: Both uploaded files contain amendments through July 18, 2019.

Decision No. 2 for Imposition of Mandatory Health Warnings and Other Information on Tobacco Product Packages

11 Feb, 2008

Ministry of Health Order No. 321 for the Establishment and Operation of the Task Force for the Protection of Health from Tobacco Products and Alcohol Abuse by Minors in the Tirana Region

12 Aug, 2011

Law No. 49/2013 on Amendments and Additions to Law No. 9639

01 Mar, 2013

Law No. 76/2014 on Amendments to Law No. 9639

08 Aug, 2014

Law No. 56/2019 on Amendments and Additions to Law No. 9639

18 Jul, 2019

Decision No. 7 on the Approval of Pictorial Warnings on the Health Harms of Smoking, and Specifications for the Placement on Packages

19 Feb, 2020

To the best of our knowledge, all laws provided here are in effect as of July 26, 2022 unless otherwise noted.