All Court Decisions

There are 1028 decisions.

Title Country Date of Decision Court
Miroslav Grcev and Stamen Filipov to the Constitutional Court Macedonia September 16, 2009
Heisei 1 Tokyo Public Health Institute Case Japan May 22, 1985
Zhonghua Cigarette Trademark Case - Administrative Decision China January 01, 2010
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v. Philip Morris (Australia) Limited (s86B Undertaking) Australia May 05, 2005
Zhonghua Cigarette Trademark Case - Appellate Decision China November 30, -0001
Rothmans of Pall Mall (NZ) Ltd v. A-G New Zealand June 28, 1990
State of Israel v. Vidal Israel June 23, 2013
La Republicana S.A. v. State - Executive Branch Uruguay July 24, 2019
de Shalit v. Zippori Center Israel May 11, 2014
Judicial Review of Jakarta Governor's Decree on Smoke-Free Environments Indonesia April 25, 2011