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Tobacco Control Topic Description
Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship (398) Measures restricting any form of direct or indirect tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship. (See FCTC Art. 13)
Alternative Activities (5) Measures involving economically viable alternatives for tobacco workers, growers, and individual sellers. (See FCTC Art. 17)
Cessation (28) Measures to promote cessation of tobacco use and adequate treatment for tobacco dependence. (See FCTC Art. 14)
Contents and Disclosures Measures (137) Measures for testing, measuring, regulating, or disclosing the contents and emissions of tobacco products. (See FCTC Arts. 9 and 10)
Education (15) Measures to promote and strengthen public awareness of tobacco control issues. (See FCTC Art. 12)
Illicit Trade (31) Measures relating to illicit trade, including smuggling, illicit manufacturing and counterfeiting. (See FCTC Art. 15)
Industry Interference (36) Measures to protect health policies from the commercial or other vested interests of the tobacco industry. (See FCTC Art. 5.3)
Liability (131) Measures dealing with criminal and civil liability, including compensation. (See FCTC Art. 19)
Packaging and Labeling Measures (217) Measures to regulate the marketing on tobacco packages. This includes both bans on false, misleading, deceptive packaging, as well as required health warnings on packaging. (See FCTC Art. 11)
Price and Tax Measures (40) Tax or price measures, including tax- and duty-free regulation. (See FCTC Art. 6)
Protection of Environment (14) Measures involving the environment and health of persons in respect to cultivation and manufacture within their territories. (See FCTC Art. 18)
Sales to or by Minors (62) Measures restricting tobacco sales to or by minors, as well as other retail restrictions relating to point-of-sale, candy and toys resembling tobacco products, vending machines, or free distribution. (See FCTC Art. 16)
Smoke Free Measures (353) Measures to reduce or eliminate exposure to tobacco smoke. (See FCTC Art. 8)