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Ministry of Health v. Fareen [Fiji] [February 08, 2012]

A mini mart clerk sold a single cigarette in violation of Fiji’s law prohibiting the sale of loose cigarettes. The clerk pled guilty but stated that it was her first offense, she was only 17, and that she was very remorseful of her actions. Because of these factors, the court reduced the fine from $1,000 to $500 and recorded the violation as a “non conviction” so it would not affect the clerk's future career prospects.

Japan Tobacco Inc. v. Administrator-General [Fiji] [February 20, 1992]

The government of Fiji refused to allow Japan Tobacco to register a trademark containing an image of a dove holding in its beak what appeared to be an olive branch with the word “PEACE” underneath. Two churches had objected to the proposed trademark as being immoral and highly demeaning of a Christian symbol. The court upheld the government’s decision, finding that use of such a trademark would be deceptive and offend the religious beliefs of a substantial portion of Fiji’s population. The court also found that the use of the word “PEACE” gave a subliminal message that only good can come from the use of the product, despite the acknowledged dangers of smoking.