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Apr 13, 2000

L'Association SOS Tabagisme v. La Firme CRAVEN A

A public interest group, SOS Tabagisme, sued a tobacco company, Craven A, for violating the law regulating tobacco advertising by erecting a large billboard on a main street and by distributing free t-shirts and cigarettes. Craven A alleged that SOS Tabagisme did not have standing to enforce the fine, arguing that only the government can enforce the legislation and collect any associated fine. In addition, Craven A argued that, as an official sponsor of la Coupe d'Afrique des Nations 2000, its billboard came within an exception that allowed tobacco companies to advertise at certain events where they were the official sponsor. The Court agreed to hear the action and ruled against Craven A as the advertisement was not associated with the soccer tournament, which, in any case, did not take place in Mali.

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