Tobacco Control Ordinance (Ordinance 22 of 2015)

COMMENTS: The Tobacco Control Ordinance is the primary piece of legislation on tobacco control in Turks and Caicos. The law’s provisions address the establishment of an administrative unit for tobacco control; licensing requirements; prohibitions (including on smoke free areas, sales to minors, self-service, public displays, locations of sales, and toy or candy cigarettes); advertising, promotion and sponsorship; packaging and labeling; disclosures requirements; and sanctions and other administrative issues.

Notice of Commencement (Legal Notice 17 of 2016)

COMMENTS: The Notice of Commencement (Legal Notice 17 of 2016) is the commencement notice for the Tobacco Control Ordinance 2015.

Tobacco Control Regulations 2017 (Legal Notice 72 of 2017)

COMMENTS: The Tobacco Control Regulations 2017 prescribe further requirements for licensing; allowable distance for smoking from prohibited areas; the designation of outdoor smoking areas, in-store smoking areas and airport smoking areas; and signage requirements.

To the best of our knowledge, all laws provided here are in effect as of November 26th 2019, unless otherwise noted.