Last updated: September 17th 2019


Jamaica became a Party to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control on October 5, 2005.

Smoke Free Places

There is a comprehensive ban on smoking in indoor public places, indoor workplaces, and public transport. The law also prohibits smoking in several outdoor places and within five meters of entrances, exits, windows, and ventilation intakes of a public place, workplace, or public transport.

Tobacco Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship

There is no legislation that specifically addresses tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship. Instead, several laws address certain means of advertising, such as a ban on tobacco advertising on domestic television and radio, and restrictions on outdoor advertising and brand marking. Most other forms of tobacco advertising and promotion are permitted. Tobacco sponsorship is not restricted.

Tobacco Packaging and Labeling

Rotating graphic health warnings are required on 60 percent of the two principal display areas (front and back) on both unit and outside packaging. Misleading packaging and labeling, including terms such as “light” and “low tar” and other signs, is prohibited.

Roadmap to Tobacco Control Legislation

The Public Health (Tobacco Control) Regulations, 2013 is the primary piece of legislation regulating tobacco control in Jamaica. The law establishes smoke free places and large graphic health warnings on tobacco product packaging, among other things. The regulations were amended by the Public Health (Tobacco Control) (Amendment) Regulations, 2014, which reduced the size of the graphic health warnings, updated the non-exhaustive list of places where smoking is prohibited, and changed the penalty provisions, among other things. 

There is no single piece of legislation that addresses tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship. Instead, several laws address certain means of advertising generally. These laws include: (1) Television and Sound Broadcasting Regulations, 1996; (2) Advertisements Regulation Act, 1947; and (3) Consumer Protection Act, 2005.

Review Status

This country’s legal measures were reviewed by our legal staff in consultation with in-country lawyers or tobacco control experts.