Last updated: August 25th 2017


Cape Verde became a Party to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control on January 2, 2006.

Smoke Free Places: Smoking is restricted to designated smoking areas in certain enumerated public places, including healthcare facilities, educational facilities, places for use by minors, entertainment halls, covered sports halls, and "places for public assembly." Public transportation is smoke free except for outdoor areas of commercial watercraft.

Tobacco Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship: There is a comprehensive ban on tobacco advertising and sponsorship. However, some promotional activity may escape the ban due to the definition of advertising. Although sponsorship by the tobacco industry is not completely prohibited, publicity of the sponsorship is prohibited.

Tobacco Packaging and Labeling: Cigarette packaging must contain "messages which alert the consumer to the harmful effects of tobacco." The law does not specify the size, content, or locations of the messages, or whether rotation is required.

Roadmap to Tobacco Control Legislation: Law No. 119/IV/95 is the primary piece of legislation governing tobacco control and regulates smoking in public places, tobacco advertising and promotion, and tobacco packing and labeling. The Advertising Code regulates advertising generally, including restrictions on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship.

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