Administrative Order of May 19, 2016, Concerning Procedures for the Printing of Health Warnings on Packaging Units of Tobacco Products, Vaping Products, Smoking Products Derived from Plants Other than Tobacco and Cigarette Rolling Papers

01 Jan, 2017

COMMENTS: Administrative Order of May 19, 2016 concerning procedures for the printing of health warnings on packaging units of tobacco products, vaping products, smoking products derived from plants other than tobacco and cigarette rolling papers implements EU Tobacco Products Directive 2014 (Directive 2014/40/EU) and regulates the size, content, and format of health warnings on tobacco products, vaping products, non-tobacco smoking products, and cigarette rolling papers. Tobacco product packaging (with the exception of cigars) must comply with this order beginning January 1, 2017; packaging of cigars must comply beginning May 20, 2017.

To the best of our knowledge, all laws provided here are in effect as of May 19, 2024 unless otherwise noted.