Law No. 85 of 2002, Amendments to Some of the Provisions Announced in Law No. 52 of 1981 in the Matter of Preventing Tobacco Related Injuries

10 Jun, 2002

COMMENTS: Law No. 85 of 2002 amends several provisions of Law No. 52 of 1981. First, the law updates the health warning to be displayed on packaging. Second, Law No. 85 of 2002 supplies new language prohibiting various types of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship. Third, the law amends the penalties set forth in Law No. 52 of 1981. Finally, Law No. 85 of 2002 repeals two articles addressing tobacco advertising, sponsorship and promotion.

To the best of our knowledge, all laws provided here are in effect as of June 17, 2024 unless otherwise noted.